More About Me

David Drouin - REALTOR®

My name is David Drouin, I am a Texas native and a resident of the Austin area since 2015. My lovely wife and I are homeowners and we live with our two dogs in Manor. After years of renting and aggressively saving, we were able to buy our home in 2018. I can personally attest to the incredible stresses that come with buying, selling, or leasing property; which is why you need a professional in your corner to help you navigate this uncertain market!

I am a REALTOR® and a licensed sales agent with the JBGoodwin team, who has a passion for real estate and helping people. Today, the real estate market moves at a mile a minute and if you aren't prepared, opportunities will walk right out the door. My services can keep you ahead of the competition in any real estate transaction. 

In 2018 when my wife and I were closing on our house, we had a fantastic home buying experience with the builder's broker. She went so far out of her way to help us and to put us into our new home, that she even rented out her own lake house to us for pennies on the dollar while we were waiting on construction to finish. This positive experience really left an impression on me and inspired me to take up a career in real estate. I took my licensing program through Austin Community College and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. During my time in school, I joined ACC's Real Estate Club, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the Austin Humanist Society. I wanted to embed myself with professionals and like-minded people.

When I'm not working, I like to travel, play golf, disc golf, listen to live music, go to a gun range, ride ATV's, and take our dogs to the park! I am a bit of a film buff and foodie as well. I am lucky to live right next to a city that has a lot of fun activities to take part in.